Cardboard Core cutter machine CCM SERIES

The CCM machine is used to cut cardboard cores pipes using a circular blade. The cutting does not produce dust and the cutting width is adjusted simply by moving a stop assembled on a rod with millimeter markings.  Loading is simple and safe because the machine is equipped with an exclusive full protection guard of the blade that protects the operator’s hands and minimizes the risk of injury thanks to its automatic opening.


Dimensions: 1600X750X1600h mm (machine with cutting width of 1200 mm)

Weight: 140 kg (machine with cutting width of 1200 mm)

Electrical system:  380V three-phase (other on request)

Electricity consumption:  750W

Usable cutting width:  1200 mm/ 1400 mm/ 1600 mm/ 1800 mm/ 2000 mm (more on request)

Diameter of material: the machine is equipped to cut pipes with an internal diameter of 76 mm but it is possible to equip it to cut different diameters from a minimum of 25 mm to a maximum of 152 mm.


The machine comes with the following equipped as factory-default:

  • Motorized spindle with gear-motor
  • Spindle for pipes with 76 mm internal diameter and nylon counter blade
  • Circular steel blade
  • Blade protection system with full guard and automatic pneumatic opening
  • Three-phase 380V electrical system in compliance with EC standards
  • Mechanical stop for setting the cutting length through a nonius with millimeter markings
  • Safe machine operation using synchronized control handles.


  • 2-speed motor for shaft rotation
  • Spindles for diameters according to the client’s request
  • Special solutions applied on a standard machine