Cutting machine T.EC. SERIES

The T.EC. machine is an electro-pneumatic bench-top cutting machine that works both as a ribbon cutter and a blanking machine powered by a 230V single-phase line and operating with very low compressed air consumption.

It is the result of a continuous demand for more compact and affordable machines without neglecting quality of manufacturing and processing and with a particular focus on ease of use.

Its application sectors are many: textile packaging, leather goods, footwear and more, basically everywhere it is necessary to cut in length materials such as elastic bands, ribbons, lace, cords, zippers, velcro, strings, shoulder belts, strips, and belts.

Depending on the settings, the machine can cut as follows:

  • when cold, with scissor blades made of hardened steel and self-sharpening with a maximum cutting width of 70 mm;
  • when hot, with a blade heated by a low-voltage electrical resistor. In this case, the cut is made by thermo-fusion (suitable only for synthetic materials) with a cutting width of 70 mm;
  • with both cutting units, which can be used separately and selected directly from the electronic touch screen programming device.


Dimensions: 550X1300X480(h) mm

Weight: 46 kg

Electrical power consumption: 800W (with hot cutting)

Compressed air consumption: 0.55 Nl per cycle at 6 bar

Cold cutting width:  70 mm

Hot cutting width:  70 mm

Minimum cutting length: 0.1 mm

Maximum cutting length: 100 meters

Transportation speed of material: adjustable up to a maximum of 55 meters per minute


The T.EC. machine was created by adapting our   T.T.-E DIGIT model to less demanding sectors in terms of default equipment but featuring the same characteristics of accuracy and production quality.  It can meet most of the common machining needs and even if it is defined as “small” machine it features the same type of equipment and performance of a “large” machine.

The machine comes with the following provided as factory-default:

  • dragging through knurled steel roller and nylon counter-roller
  • large stepper motor for dragging of material
  • reel holder
  • acoustic alarm to stop the machine when the pre-selected number of pieces is reached
  • acoustic alarm device to stop the machine in case of lack of material
  • fume extractor (for hot-cutting configurations)
  • Preset for connecting the unwinder
  • Digital touch screen programming device for all the machine functions such as:
  • length of the piece to be cut
  • pre-selection of the number of pieces to be cut
  • visualization of the pieces manufactured
  • cut type selection
  • blade temperature (in Celsius degrees)
  • cutting time
  • Transportation speed of material
  • exclusion of material detection: useful for use with very thin materials
  • backward movement of the material to allow the detachment from the blade after thermo-welding cutting
  • Possibility to store up to 200 items and easy recall
  • possibility of manual operation to perform test cuts and material heading
  • USB port for downloading any software updates


All versions of the machine, even after sale, require the installation of:

  • a base in painted sheet metal suitably shaped so as boxes or containers can be placed under the output chute to collect the material cut
  • automatic unwinder: essential for cutting elastic materials or heavy reels. It is easy to assemble on the support between the reel holder and the machine, wiring to the machine is performed through a standard connector on all versions.
  • flanges for loading the material on the roll

To be ordered together with the machine:

  • feeding material device without machine stop: useful to obtain pieces from parts of material such as loops for belts
  • dragging system on both rollers for greater force and precision in the transportation of material