AT Series cutting machine

The AT machine is an electro-pneumatic cutting machine with guillotine blades.

It finds its application in multiple sectors.

The cutting width from 300 mm to 800 mm is added to the name: AT/300 – AT/400 –  AT/500 – AT/600 – AT/800


Dimensions: 1250X1100X1500(h) mm (referred to the AT/300 model)

Weight: 280 kg

Electrical power consumption:   800W

Compressed air consumption: max 3.35 Nl per cycle at 6 bar:

Cutting width:  300 – 400 – 500 – 600 – 800 mm

Minimum cutting length:  0.1 mm

Maximum cutting length:  100 meters

Transportation speed of material: adjustable


The AT machine has been designed based on the experience acquired in the manufacturing of the previous shearing machines built by our company from 1969 to date.

The machine comes with the following provided as factory-default:

  • dragging through rubber-coated rollers
  • roll holders
  • large stepper motor for dragging of material
  • acoustic alarm to stop the machine when the pre-selected number of pieces is reached
  • acoustic alarm to stop the machine in case of lack of material
  • Multiple guides to cut multiple strips of identical material simultaneously
  • protection door for the dragging and cutting unit with safety micro-switch that allows easy access to the parts for maintenance and cleaning with no live voltage hazard
  • Digital touch screen programming device for all the machine functions such as:
  • length of the piece to be cut
  • pre-selection of the number of pieces to be cut
  • visualization of the pieces manufactured
  • counting of multiple pieces cut at the same time
  • cutting time
  • Material transportation speed
  • Possibility to store up to 200 items and easy recall
  • Possibility of manual operation to perform test cuts and material heading
  • USB port for downloading any software updates


  • device for removing static electricity from the material
  • pre-unwinder